Being on the Television by Rory Wynne

I have watched the telly every day that I can remember and although I never thought I would be an actor, I always thought it’d be cool to be on TV.

2 years ago I was asked to appear on Cold Feet in it’s comeback series after over a decade off our screens. I had the greatest time working alongside John Thompson, James Nesbitt, Fay Ripley and many more great talents. Furthermore they used 3 of my original songs!

2 years passed and it seemed my television days were over, but in February I was contacted out of the blue, they’d written my character into the series 8 script - I was buzzing. Upon reading the script my excitement built; my character had developed from performing in a smoky, smoky nightclub in Manchester to performing at a big outdoor festival - something that had happened in my real-life career since my debut appearance too.

My backing band and I went to meet the director Rebecca Gatward prior to recording and chatted about the storyline, filming/recording days, which songs were going to be used etc. I was delighted to hear that they wanted to use 5 of my own original songs.

The next stage was to record the music that we would be miming to during any dialogue. We did this the day after my album release party show in April - so my throat was, well you can imagine, but we ploughed through and I felt it fitted my character to be a little rough around the edges, it was a big show for ‘Young Adams Band’ so they would have been practicing relentlessly.

A couple of weeks later, filming commenced. Our first scene was waiting outside the university for a lift to the audition for the emerging talent competition. It was a very cold, early morning but they give you the best food and hand-warmers - the temperature is soon pushed to the back of your mind.

Up next, the festival. Because we filmed 6 scenes all together it was split over two days.

On the first day we went through costume, makeup and then rehearsed in the morning. Unfortunately then at lunchtime I dropped chocolate cake on my trousers, my white trousers. A race against time to get to the toilet and wash/dry in time before filming started began - but hopefully I did a good enough job that it won’t be visible on camera...we’ll see tonight.

Overall it was once again a fantastic experience and the entire cast/crew were so welcoming.

Hopefully the bands next step will be Wembley...


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